LPG Filler Gun with CGA 555 to POL/BBQ Fitting

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LPG Filler Gun & Hose CGA 555 to POL/BBQ Valve

This kit is suited to refilling from a "Blue Top"(blue top tanks pictured) and or  Liquid withdrawal 45, 90, 190, 210KG LPG tank with CGA 555 outlet on the tank to any smaller LPG tank with a BBQ (CGA510 POL) bottle Valve.  

  • Safety, there is an excess flow valve in stalled to stop the gas flow if the inlet fitting is broken of in use.
  • Safety, the trigger has an inbuilt hydrostatic over pressure set to 3.3mpa to protect the hose and operator. 
  • Safety, the trigger has automatic shut off once the trigger is release and then a spring loaded latch automatically locks the trigger into the off position. 
  • This gun is made in Australia, one of Australia's largest LPG valve manufactures 
  • Kit includes one fill gun and hose with male CGA 555 and CGA 510 (BBQ/ POL) fittings each end.

Blue top and BBQ LPG tanks not included.



LPG is a compressed flammable liquid. Only licensed, trained and competent personal should conduct any operation or repairs relating to an LPG systems, LPG Component or LPG Storage Vessels.                               

Be aware of your surroundings as LPG vapour is flammable and must be kept away from all ignition sources such as pilot lights and piezo igniters in hot water systems, open flames, cigarettes, welding and grinding sparks and any other potential ignition source. Avoid direct contact with liquid LPG as a freeze burn may result.  One litre of liquid LPG expands to 270 litres of combustible vapour. Personal protective equipment must be worn when working with LPG.

Cylinders are designed to only fill to 80% of the water capacity to allow for expansion of the liquid with temperature changes.  This 80% level must not be exceeded when filling an LPG Cylinder. Ensure the LPG storage vessel(s) are in date and in good repair prior to filling.

Appliances intended to use vapour must not be supplied liquid LPG. Catastrophic failure may result.

Ensure all connections, seals, hoses and valves are clean, undamaged and in good repair prior to carrying out any operation.  All connection must be check for leaks with a non-corrosive leak detection fluid prior to operation.

Keep all LPG Storage Vessels out of reach of Children.

Improper installations and repairs could result in serious personal injury and property damage.

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