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External Valve Donut Tanks

External donut tanks are the popular option for today's modern vehicles.

  • East to fit, Easy to plumb. Blue LPG External Donut tanks come with the option of an open face valve guard or a sealed sub compartment. In most applications the tanks are mounted externally underneath the vehicle, but with a the sealed sub compartment they can be installed internally where alternative venting is required.
  • Increased ground clearance. The use of Donut tanks in 4X4's allows for increased departure angles required when off roading,
  • Greater capacity's, maximum LPG capacity for greater range.
  • Liquid withdrawal or Vapor withdrawal available to suit either dual fuel petrol, or Diesel gas conversions.
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Internal Valve Donut Tanks

Want to enjoy low cost motoring without sacrificing luggage space?

  • Internal donut tanks fit neatly into the spare wheel cavity, without the loss of precious boot space! Weather you load the golf clubs for a game with your mates, pack the kids and all the camping gear for a weekend away, or the holidays, or just a trip to Bunnings, or the local garden center. With an Internal Donut tank in the boot the only thing you'll notice is the low cost when you fill up.
  • Sizes are available to suit just about all cars, ute's, and 4 x 4's. Blue LPG have the largest range of Donut tank sizes available in Australia. No matter what make or model of vehicle we'll be able to supply a tank to suit your needs.
  • Compatible with the latest model LPG vapor injection systems. Our Donut tanks are supplied standard with 0-90 ohm senders, we also offer a complete range of sender options for interface installation's.
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Cylinder Tanks

Blue LPG Cylinders are available in configurations to suit most applications.

  • Standard Side fill Cylinders
  • End Fill LPG Cylinders
  • Vapor Withdrawal LPG Cylinders
  • Liquid withdrawal LPG Cylinders
  • Supplied with either open face valve guard or sealed sub compartment
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