LPG Tank 12 Volt Lock Off Solenoid Valve

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LPG Tank 12 Volt Lock Off Solenoid Valve

12 Volt Tank Lock Off coil and plunger assembly complete, with 11 watt diode. 

This Lock Off is used on the Outlet Valve / Service Tap, on any valve made by Sidek or Axiom.

The Tanks these valves are commonly found on are

  • APA,
  • Manchester,
  • Blue LPG/Step, 
  • Road Runner LPG Tanks either as a Cylinder or Donut (Toroidal) Tank.
  • Mytton and Icom (Toroidal) Donut Tanks if the valve has been replaced with a Sidek Multivalve.


  • Wire Length: 1300mm
  • Earth Wire: BLACK, with eyelet terminal
  • Power Wire: RED, no terminal
  • Diode Protected
  • 12Volt, 11watt
  • 12VDC Auto Fuel Shut Off Device
  • Part Number: 12VCOIL
  • 12volt DC Diode protected solenoid for Automotive LPG Applications.
  • Built to ISO9001
  • Reg: KR-02800
  •  Connection Thread M14 x 1.25
  • Rated Power 10w Diode Protection 11W
  • Design Standard AS/NZ 1425
  • Valve Seat Material Viton
  • Design Pressure 3.3 MPa 
  • Assembled Weight 2299 {including lead}
  • Temperature Range -15 to 155 "C Flame Resistance VI
  • Supply Lead 16 x 0.3 Copper
  • Solenoid Molding  Flame Retardant
  • Coil Winding 0.35mm Enamel
  • Copper Earth Eyelet lD 5mm

Kit Includes

  • 1 x Lockoff Assembly

Please note failure to connect this Lockoff correctly, ie, (reversing polarity) will damage the coil windings, and if so there will be no warranty.

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