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So what happens when you bring your LPG Cylinder in for Testing & re-certification?

Blue LPG pty. ltd. is a licensed test station, accredited by SIO Global and Standards Australia,to preform LPG Cylinder re-certification in accordance with AS/NZS 2337.

Does it have to be out of the car?  It’s a question we are often asked, The answer… Yes it does, it’s a fact it must be out of the car. There is no other option.
So now that we’ve cleared that up, what next?  Firstly we check your cylinder for the correct markings and stampings, we determine if there is gas left in it, and if there is we safely evacuate all remaining gas and then begin the inspections.

  • External  Examination.

The outside of the cylinder is checked for signs of corrosion, bulges, Dents, cuts, scrapes, gouges, rub marks or any other sort of damage. If there is any sign of the above,  it is assessed against the standard and determine weather it  will pass or fail. Any Tank which has damage witch exceeds the tolerances in the standard will be condemned.condemed tank

  • Internal Examination.

The valves are now striped out ,  A visual internal examination  is preformed with the aid of, micro LED’s , mirrors and borescope, to check for corrosion, scale, or heat effected zones, any contamination is cleaned out, valve threads and sealing surfaces are cleaned and inspected.
All valves are checked for condition and operation, The safety valve (or pressure relief valve)is discarded and a new valve is fitted in every re-test. The automatic fill limiter, Contents the level arm, Service tap and excess flow valves are checked for wear and correct operation, and replaced as necessary, sender unit is also tested as is the 12v lockoff.  The valves are now re-installed in the cylinder, all threads are re-sealed and all seals and retaining screws are replaced.

  • Pressure testing.

The LPG cylinder is pressurised to  330psi or 2.3Mpa all welds are checked for leakage as well as valves and fittings. If there are no gas leaks or defects the tank is re-stamped with our test station stamp, and a new certificate is issued.
That’s it, safe and sound for another 10 years.

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