Under Dash Gauge 0-90 ohm, LPG, Fuel, Warer

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Under Dash 10 Led 0-90 Ohm LPG Tank Gauge

This is a brand new genuine Peel under-dash 10 LED LPG tank contents gauge. This suits any 0-90 Ohm LPG tank sender units such as Sidek & Axiom.  

Led Colours: 

There are 8 Green LED's, 1 Orange LED' which read the levels 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and full tank.

Red LED indicates below 1/4 tank (Empty) 

Easy to install by using the supplied screws and attach the unit under the dash in an easy to see position. Please ensure you check behind the part of the dash you are drilling to make sure no damage will occur to any electrical wiring etc.


  • Width : 65mm
  • Height: 21mm
  • Depth: 41mm
  • Depth Including terminals : 47mm
  • Power: 12volt
  • Gauge sender Resistance: 0 Ohms empty, 90 Ohms Full.

Terminal pins : 

  • Sender: Is for the wire from the LPG tank sender unit, 0-90 Ohm
  • Auto Dimming
  • Protected Circuit
  • Ground : Is for earth or ground the cars body/chassis/battery negative side. 
  • +12v: Is 12 volt power supply from the LPG switch.


Peel parts are designed and manufactured in Australia for high quality and performance, meeting the standards as specified by the original engine and vehicle equipment manufacturers (OE) 

Warranty :

Apexus products are guaranteed and warranted free from manufactures defects in the material, workmanship or design for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. Repairs must carried out in accordance with OEM specifications.  

If you have any doubts of the correct application of this part please feel free to email or call us prior to purchasing.   

Cars this part will fit:

This Gauge is suitable as a replacement of your old dash gauge or up grade from a another under dash change gauge, or for new LPG or CNG conversions.

Kit includes:

  • 1 x 0-90 Ohm Under Dash Gauge

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