LPGas Regulator, 550 MJh Fisher Manual Change Over 2 x Pipes, and Bracket

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Fisher 550 MJ/h, Cabin, House LP Gas Regulator, Manual Change Over  2 x Pipes, and Bracket

 Type R232A Integral Two-Stage Regulator

The Type R232A is an Underwriters Laboratories (UL®) listed regulator designed for LP-Gas systems. The unit is designed to reduce the tank pressure to an outlet pressure of 11 inches water column through an integral two-stage system. Designed for installations with small domestic loads. The units compact size makes it ideal for tight fit applications. The first-stage screened drip-lip vent is oriented downward and

• 20 Year Recommended Replacement Life – The Type R232A is designed using rugged time proven design concepts and constructed of corrosion resistant materials, both internally and externally. With proper installation and periodic inspection and maintenance the

Type R232A regulator will meet a 20 Year Recommended Replacement Life.

• Dual Gauge Taps – Built-in 1/8 inch NPT gauge taps orificed to a number 54 drill size on the intermediate and ,outlet side of the regulator allow for easy gas system checks.

• Durability – Design utilizes the same durable valve stem linkage design used in R600 Series regulators for reliable lockup performance.

• Improved Regulation – A large fabric-reinforced diaphragm delivers accurate and stable regulation.

• Versatile Inlet Connections – Inlet fitting is available in NPT and FPOL configurations

• Easy Installation – The units compact size and easily accessible inlet and outlet wrench flats make installation easy even in the tightest installations. Optional vent orientation with both vents oriented opposite gauge taps available.

• Superior Overpressure Protection – The combination of a high capacity relief valve and large vent provide overpressure protection that exceeds UL standards.

• Corrosion-Resistant – Added corrosion resistance from an internal and external coating process for all castings prior to painting, stainless steel relief valve spring and retainer and a corrosion resistant relief valve seat.

• Positive Draining Spring Case – When installed properly with the spring case vents pointed down, the design allows moisture formed in the spring case to drain out limiting the problems with corrosion and freezing water in the spring case.


  • UL Listed 810L, LP-Gas Regulator.   

  • Brand: Fisher

  • Model No:LFI-R232A-BBFMC

  • Flow Rate: 550 Mj/hr

  • Pressure: Inlet 1750 kpa Outlet 2.75 kpa

  • For added safety there is a built in pressure relief device, which is set to 4.2 KPA

  • 1/4" Inverted flare Female Inlet.

  • 1/2" BSP Female Outlet.

  • Copper Pipe (Pig Tail) 1/4"Inverted Flare male & POL Male or (BBQ) or CGA 510.

  • Adjustment range 10.2 - 13" WC

  • Length: 205mm

  • Width: 112mm

  • Height: 114mm 

  • Pipe Length: 450mm

    Included in this kit

    • 1 x Regulator Including Manual Change Over

    • 1 x Mounting Bracket

    • 2 x Retaining Screws

    • 2 x 450mm Copper Pipe's

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