KingFlex, VEX LPG 8mm Flexible Service Line/Hose

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Kingflex Vex 8mm LPG Flexible Service Line/Hose 

This is a brand new Kingflex Vex Flexible Hose/line, which complies to Australian standards and is used with the 8mm reusable fittings which have listed also, check out our shop.  


This part is designed and manufactured for high quality and performance, meeting the standards as specified by the original engine and vehicleequipment manufacturers (OE)  


This products is guaranteed and warranted free from manufactures defects in the material, workmanship or design for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. Replacement of the fitting must carried out in accordance with OEM specifications.  

If you have any doubts of the correct application of this part please feel free to email or call us prior to purchasing.   

Vehicles this part will fit:

All vehicles which have been or are to be converted to LPG which require flexible service line will have 8mm  VEX Flexible hose.

Flexible service line is generally used on all vehicles which have a chassis such as 4x4's, Utes and trucks.  


  • 8mm Internal Diameter 
  • 17mm Outside Diameter
  • Length: sold per meter
  • It is Cloth braided rubber hose with wire braiding.
  • AGA (Australian Gas Association) Approved 7435 

Kit includes:

  • 1 x 8mm x one meter Kingflex Vex flexible filler hose.

Please note the hose is sold per meter, reusable fittings and LPG tank are not included. 

 Cloth braided rubber LPG hose with wire braiding, sold as a 1 meter length.

If you require a longer length then you need to order 2 which will give you 2 meters, we will cut hose into one 2 meter length. This hose is sold per meter.

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