APA 0-45 ohm Axiom LPG Tank Sender Unit/Gauge

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0-45ohm Sender Unit

universal will fit all LPG Tank Sidek multivalves, level arms and Axiom (APA) Level arms. This sender unit will fit APA, Manchester and Step (Blue LPG) LPG Tanks.  

0-45 Ohm is the standard sender unit used for twin tank LPG Conversions, for injection systems and or any Peel, Gastec, and Apexus in or under dash gauge unit. This sender unit is usually used for twin tank installations were both tank are link together and levels are read at the same time. So 2 tanks both with 0-45 Ohm sender units will add up 90 Ohm, which will operate a standard in dash 0-90 Ohm gauge.

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