45kg Galvanised LPG Domestic Tank, BBQ Style Vapor Valve & 1 3/4"Acme Filler

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45kg Galvanized LPG Domestic Tank with Instu Vapor withdrawal Valve & includes a 1 3/4"Acme Filler point.

45Kg LPG Domestic Manchester LPG Cylinder, Australian Made.

These tanks are brand new and never used. They are Stamped "customer owned", which means the person who buys the tank owns it. These are not X rental or Gas company owned, we buy direct from the Manufacturer.  

This tank has SCG Insitu Vapor withdrawal valve. The valve comes with a 1 3/4" Acme inlet filler point ( the same as any Automotive Car Filler), a manual Ullage valve tap to vent out the LPG vapor whilst filling and the liquid starts to flow out the bleed tube when 80% fill is achieved. The outlet is POL Vapor withdrawal only (the same as any 4.5 and 9kg BBQ Bottle), unless the tank is rotated upside down then liquid can flow from outlet ( not recommended).

Allow 1 week for delivery.

Manufacturing Standard AS/NZ2470

  • Diameter 375mm 
  • Overall Height 1247mm 
  • Capsule Height 1077mm
  • Water Capacity 108Kg 
  • Tare Weight 33Kg (approx.) 
  • Test Pressure 3.3MPa.

Please note it is you are not allowed to fill Domestic LPG bottles from the Service Station.

The authorities/Oil companies don't want anyone filling up from automotive pumps and here are some of the reason below. These Valve fitted to this tank does not have an Automatic Fill Limiter, AFL, Fill cut off, like an automotive tank. An AFL stops people overfilling their cylinders. The domestic cylinders are fill by weight or volume (86ltr LPG) or using the bleeder to set the level. The bleeder should remain shut when filling LPG using a pump. The bleeder should only be used when decanting from one tank to another and setting the 80% LPG liquid fill limit. And as the name suggests filled "in situ", meaning in position of operation, attached to the appliance or regulator and the truck fills it up on site. Autogas and Domestic gas can be different depending on the area. Autogas can have a wide blend between Propane and Butane, where as Domestic LPG is prominently propane which is much better for both applications. As with any high pressure gas it can be dangerous if not handled with care.

This item must ship to a commercial address.


LPG is a compressed flammable liquid. Only licensed, trained and competent personal should conduct any operation or repairs relating to an LPG systems, LPG Component or LPG Storage Vessels.                               

Be aware of your surroundings as LPG vapour is flammable and must be kept away from all ignition sources such as pilot lights and piezo igniters in hot water systems, open flames, cigarettes, welding and grinding sparks and any other potential ignition source. Avoid direct contact with liquid LPG as a freeze burn may result.  One litre of liquid LPG expands to 270 litres of combustible vapour. Personal protective equipment must be worn when working with LPG.

Cylinders are designed to only fill to 80% of the water capacity to allow for expansion of the liquid with temperature changes.  This 80% level must not be exceeded when filling an LPG Cylinder. Ensure the LPG storage vessel(s) are in date and in good repair prior to filling.

Appliances intended to use vapour must not be supplied liquid LPG. Catastrophic failure may result.

Ensure all connections, seals, hoses and valves are clean, undamaged and in good repair prior to carrying out any operation.  All connection must be check for leaks with a non-corrosive leak detection fluid prior to operation.

Keep all LPG Storage Vessels out of reach of Children.

Improper installations and repairs could result in serious personal injury and property damage.

Decanting into LPI (Liquid Propane Injection) LPG tank may not be possible due to the systems higher tank pressures.

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