CGA (CGA555)to POL F (CGA510) adapter

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CGA (CGA555)to POL F (CGA510) adapte

Used to adapt Liquid Withdrawal "Blue Top" LPG Cylinders to POL F Fiting


Do not draw liquid LPG from a tank to use in an application where LPG vapor is required.
Do not exceed past the 80% fill limit of an LPG Tank, LPG Cylinder, LPG Bottle or LPG Storage Vessel. Ensure the LPG storage vessel(s) are in date.  
LPG IS DANGEROUS. It is extremely flammable and explosive gas kept under high pressure. Keep away from any ignition source, such as fire or temperatures above 49deg C.
 Keep all LPG Storage Vessels out of reach of Children.
Avoid direct contact with LPG & Liquid LPG as a freeze burn may result. Wear approved  safety gear.
Only licensed, trained and competent personal should conduct any operation or repairs relating to an LPG system, LPG Component or LPG Storage Vessel. Improper conditions or procedures can cause accidents resulting in property damage and personal injury.
Ensure all fittings, seals, hoses, valves, connections are in a clean, safe and serviceable condition prior to carrying out any operation. Check for leaks with a non-corrosive leak detection fluid prior to filling, operating or placing in to service.

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Tags: CGA (CGA555)to POL F (CGA510) adapter, MI-M308, Brass Fittings

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