ACME LPG Automotive Filling couplink

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Brand new 1 & 3/4"ACME LPG Filling coupling.

Fits all Australian automotive car fillers and some 45kg and Forklift LPG bottles. Used for decanting LPG from one full LPG tank (taking the LPG from the service outlet on the giving tank) to another empty LPG tank, (receiving Tank), either by attaching directly to the Acme fitting on the tank valve as is the case on some forklift and domestic LPG bottles or in the case of an Automotive application, screw directly onto the cars LPG filler point, the same as if you were filling up at the service station. Ideal for workshops as a tool for breakdowns when your customer has run out of LPG and carn't get to the service station. Use this acme fitting along with a couple of meters of Automotive LPG 3/8" filler hose, a couple of reusable fittings and a Full LPG tank, to decant gas into their tank to get them to the service station. Also included is a male 3/8 SAE fitting which screws directly into the back of the Acme coupling

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